In Michael Underwood’s rainy day series transient figures wander alone through an ancient and evocative landscape. Their fragile existence, spiritual in its essence, stands in counterpoint to the vastness of space around them, where an alternate reality tolls the knell of passing time.

Michael’s much-acclaimed Rainy Day People® has transformed the grace and beauty of numerous communities around the globe into works of fine art in private and public collections. In this hauntingly mysterious series, viewers are drawn into a world strangely familiar and yet unknown, as if they were seeing it both again and for the first time. Underwood’s shrewdly focused placement and painterly lighting create a balance between photography and painting that transcends the bounds of expectation. This hybrid art form, complex and profound, simultaneously perplexes and pleases viewers eager for the freshness of new experience.

Now, Richly nuanced, complex, and profound, his highly conceptual compositions are printed with archival pigment inks onto 100% Cotton Rag Archival papers. The resulting Pigment Archival Prints are available in Limited Edition quantities of 5, 10, 15 and 25 depending on the size of the print.


Morning Bliss